The 20 Games Challenge
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Example Game

A Game! - some basic shooter

Here is some fun information about the game. Release date, random trivia, etc.


Difficulty will be split into two parts: Complexity and Scope.

Complexity *Out of 5 stars total
Scope *Out of 5 stars total

Complexity is the technical level of the game. More advanced topics will have a higher score than less advanced topics.

Scope is the amount of stuff you will need to make. Art, animation, music, etc. More stuff will take longer to make.

This is a best-guess estimate. More stars means that you will need to dedicate more time to learning or making content.

Definition of Done

Here is a list of game elements that you will need to complete. Once you do everything on the list, you can say that you made this game!

  • Player
  • Enemies
  • Bullets and collision
  • etc.

Stretch goal: This isn’t strictly necessary, but you should add one or more of these if you have time.

  • Particle effects
  • Pause menu
  • etc.


You are not the first person to try to make this game! Here are some success stories and helpful resources related to this game.